Replace Studio Business Edition

Replace Studio Business Edition 9.0

Searches through text-based files and can also make replacements
9.0 (See all)

Replace Studio Business Edition is a sister program to Funduc Software's Replace Studio Pro. Like Replace Studio Pro, Replace Studio Business Edition searches through text-based files and can also make replacements. Also like Replace Studio Pro, the 'Business Edition' can now do searches on .pdf files (search-only). Search/replacements can be done on .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, and 'Open Office' files if you want (see documentation for instructions). The program can search/replace in subdirectories and ZIP files, it can perform case-sensitive searching, it can match on 'whole words' or partial words, and it can ignore 'whitespace' or not. Advanced 'file masks' and 'file filters' can be used to tune which files & folders are to be processed.

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